Health or Hell

It’s tough being a health fanatic. When I tell people I don’t eat fast food, nor drink pop, nor eat junk food, the looks I receive are priceless. As if I am being irrational because I take close caution with what goes into my own body. I’m not sure if anyone truly understands the damaging effects of things they consume daily. If it’s in a box or a bag, you can be sure it’s toxic. If it can be bought through a drive through, it’s surely half of your daily calories. That’s another thing. “Daily calories.” How many, you ask? 2000 for the average adult. Others roll their eyes. “I just want to live my life and not care about things like that.” Me too, but I’d love to live my life well into a century. The opportunity is ever-present to make it that far, just read Ripley’s.. so why not take the steps to do it? I too, used to be the girl to eat four slices of pizza, three bread sticks, and two tall glasses of soda. I’ve always had a great body, and I used to say “I eat a lot, but I have a fast metabolism.” That’s grown to be one of my favorite lines. A seemingly beautiful exterior does not mean that your insides aren’t gargling in cholesterol and fatty acids. Eating trash trashes your body. It’s fairly simple to understand. You’re not some sort of  ninja warrior who can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, sit on the couch all day, and still outlive us all. No sir. Eat well and your body will repay you. I’ve found I have so much more energy now, and I’m happier as a whole. It feels great knowing that I’m starting these healthy habits now so that they’ll stick for life. Exercise is also essential! It’s a two-ended pendulum! Even if you don’t have a “problem area”, everyone needs to be active. If life was meant to be lived sitting down I’m pretty sure we’d all be whizzing around in Power Scooters. Thirty minutes a day honestly isn’t that painful. I’ve grown to obsess over and be truly passionate about running. I do it with my friends, and we have a blast. This stuff isn’t meant to be dreadful! I highly encourage you to take up a healthy and active lifestyle like I have. It’s changed my life for the better and I promise you if you stay committed and have fun it will do the same for you. Ordering water instead of Cola, going on a jog instead of watching the Bachelor, and eating one cookie instead of the whole box may seem like so not you at first. You’ll receive the looks begging why you’re so snobbish and worried about everything. You’ll sometimes moan and groan over the desire to have another bite, or not get out of bed today. But I can assure you it will all be worth it when you are alive to see your great-grandkids marry. And no daily twenty pills… Honey,you might want to get a larger piece of paper for that bucket list of yours..


























































































































































































































































































































































































































  1. You are exactly correct. The easy food choices are not good for us. If everyone would just start buying fresh foods and cook on top of being more active, health afflictions would go down. the problem is they have made fast food cheap and easy to get. People just are to tired to do things for themselves anymore. A girl in my office precooks everything for a month and throws it in the freezer. This helps her from falling into the habit of buying fast food when she is to tired to cook. what a great idea.

    1. Yes, that is a great idea. And I completely agree with you. That is a sorry excuse for people, though. I, and countless others, manage to do it. I have no sympathy for anyone who complains yet isn’t proactive with their health. No one is going to do it for you. I work really hard to remain a clean eater and fitness freak. It makes me proud and beaming, from the inside out. Truly anyone can do it, if they have the dedication and drive.

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