Resort 2014 Roundup


Alexander Wang’s cool architectural femininity.


Chloe’s laidback luxe soars in fabrics like satin and add-ons like gold plating.


Christian Dior displays a retro feel, with a modern twist. Tee shirt with palazzo pants, anyone?


Per usual, Diane vonFurstenberg keeps things young, fresh, eclectic, and to the point.


Jason Wu proves that revealing and elegant are, indeed, compatible.


At Michael Kors, we decided to play in the rain- looking tres chic, mind you.


Peter Pilloto boggled our minds with new collaborations of prints, textiles, and colors. He makes it look so easy.


Philip Lim went a little Pilgrim, but all chic, proving that the beloved romper is, in fact, not child’s play.


Stella McCartney filled up our wish list, with fabulous separates, centering on leopard print and pink and gold hues.


Versace opened up a box of crayons with its color coded collection. Donatella brings us nostalgia with spring-y shades in familiar shapes.

Ahh, summer. As if it wasn’t great enough to enjoy picnics, pool parties, barbecues, the beach, and cool nights out, the warmer months definitely let the world of fashion heat up. Fashionistas are treated annually with a summer collection and resort collection from their favorite designers. Resort is otherwise known as vacation wear. With these collections, an array of wealthiness, age, and style is covered. This year, the biggest trends were white, loud prints, bold colors, strappy white, black, or metallic sandals, and minimal accessories. Be proud of whatever it is you choose to don, whether actual designer or just inspired. Remember it should be you that are wearing the clothes, not vice versa! After all, as you’re living it up in the sun all day, rocking your stunning ensemble and smile, isn’t it you that’s truly shining? Have a hell of a summer , lovely, and fill it with fun, flirtatiousness, ferocity, and fabulous fashion.


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