Lorde of Fresh Pop Music



“And everyone who knows us knows/ that we’re fine with this/ we didn’t come from money..” These were the lyrics I heard one day randomly flipping through radio stations. I, as someone who stopped religiously listening to the radio years ago after hearing too much of what I didn’t like and not enough of what I did, don’t expect much brilliance to come ensue the few times I actually do turn on the radio. But flipping through and hearing this, a majestically beautiful voice over a snappy beat, with words I could find experience in? I was intrigued. And so began my discovery of possibly the coolest kid that exists. I say kid was a literal statement, as I shockingly read that Lorde is just sixteen the other day in Rolling Stone. SIXTEEN! So who is this high-school going sensation? Ella Yelich-O’ Connor is a Yugoslavian New Zealander with a civil engineer father, prize-winning poet mother, and three siblings. She grew up just like you and I, and has acquired a sort of loving recognition of her not-so-prosperity. But not so fast. She first released The Love Club EP in November 2012, including  “Royals”, the song that’s now become a hit in America and  that first caught my ear. Then, after more studio time, she released Pure Heroine this month. After hearing “Royals”, I went and listened to most of her other songs. My mind was blown. First, I have to praise her for her relatibility. I feel connected to her. She knows she’s only sixteen and makes a point of not being haughty or entitled. It’s not in her to behave that way. She has a pointedly known disgust with mainstream music and cheap celebrity. Her goal is to spread her music to bountiful hearts, while still hanging out with the same ol’ friends. The phrasing she uses and her painfully sharp honesty drives her tracks right into your heart and mind, a place where they refuse to stop replaying. Even with the simplest of words, Lorde’s indie tone and charming pitch bring a song to anthem level. Her voice is beautifully haunting. As an avid tennis player and lover of long talks with loved ones, I particularly love “Tennis Courts”. “Team” and “The Love Club” are excellent for dancing. For the past week since discovering her, her music has stayed playing on my phone and in my head. Listening to her puts a smile on my face, and even churning up some sad thoughts, I truly enjoy it. I’m never sure if music and films mean more to me on a deep level than everyone else, but I don’t mind. The secret kingdom of artistry I’ve endearingly racked up internally keeps me enjoying life and acting and thinking vividly and vivaciously. I can’t stop and won’t stop listening to Lorde’s precious jams. And seeing how many countries her music has crossed to impact a listener like me, so far away, I don’t think I’ll have to anytime soon. Longevity for Lorde, and to all a good night.


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