I want to be something

I want to be something
Be someone
Be something
I aspire to inspire
To shake the trees
To ripple the tides
And warm the breeze
My presence brings promise
My promise is that
Nothing I touch will be untouched
Like Midas, but more grand
I strive for freshness
And fire
And grace
I strive for a duty
For an assurance of place
Idle time not
missions a many
I take to the soil
With a pen and a penny
Introspection: I am
An organism
I am
A cultural client
I am
A product of two
A mixture of beings
A muddled assortment of traits
A multi-pack of genes and limbs and other useless things
Dissect me and you won’t find
The anatomy
Of a humankind
Unclear it seems
How we come to be
How we come to retrieve
The thoughts and the dreams
The confiding in whispers
The merciful screams
The shaking of doubt
Our consciousness present
No test can tell me what constitutes my being
What is it I’m seeing?
I am here
As an heir
To the biology of eras afore
Yet I am guided by nothing
No heavenly force
Of which do I shoulder wings
No flight as much a grandeur as my reveries
What a glorious wonder
To the man in India
The child in Iceland
The woman in Indonesia
To I
To cast a shadow upon one’s own eye
What a curious thing to wrestle with the figure
Question every single thing
There is no punctuation mark big enough for me
There cannot be any ships of which to embark on my journey
Time transcends the eye and the mind
Or is it mine eye that transcends what it is the world recognizes as regime?
I never want to bow my head and allow myself to surrender it
My being that I once treasured and said
“Oh, I shall travel far with it
I shall ascent alps with it
I shall transverse continents with it
I shall amend the tides with it
I shall take a palm of it
And press it unto another
Of whom I smother
With nothing other
Than esteem
I shall shatter glass with it
I shall splinter cities with it
I shall the raise the world with it
I shall turn the human race on its head
I shall bring the earth on its spine
Let the axis overcome the overbearingly scientific force
That binds it to its duty
Let the planets circle
Around me
Around the energy of who I came to be
Because this energy has
Won me wars
And brought my bliss
It’s thrown me a rope
In the deepest abyss
It is what I am entirely
Regardless of the unavoidable irony
I am a mass of energy
Of distorted feelings
And senses and tiny jumbled pieces of all I take in
But not do we do take in anything other than
What already resides within
We are built to begin
At the point when we realize
We are works of art
Not works of science
We are not studies of “the human mind”
We are not lucky for being born of a kind
We are our own kind
On a voyage you shall find
What it is you shall leave behind
There is no illusion
Worth denying what you are
Define as you might
Define as I shall
But not in such terms
No terms will I spell
No prose shall I pen
No speech shall I give
I retain the internal conversation
I retain the worldly effication
I retain my universal dedication
I retain it all in the palm of my hand
In the flicker of my eye
In the palace I am
Here lies the conquered land
No conquer there is
When the subject is man
Henceforth I shall go
To become the something
The someone
The something
Of my dreams
Of my sentience
Released it may be
Afloat it shall go
And reel it back in each
Time that I know
I have settled upon
A piece of my soul
A pick of the treasure
That I call myself whole
Architect I am
Artist I am
Prophet I am
Contextual I am
This is the world that I am
This is the being that I be
This is the ground
Beneath my happy feet
This is the cliff that I kiss
And the abyss
That I bid
This is the embark of the kid
And the smile
Of the woman
Of the creature that I am
Let’s not entrap
What it is
Set it free
Here and now
Set it free
For this
Noble sense of purpose
Desire to inspire and
Aspire to desire
The world as it is
As well as the way that I see
I reap what I am
And sow what I need
Upon principal I begin
To avenge my own wish
I sleep with eyes open
And rest as am if
A delicate thing
But shakeable so
A harmonious balance
Between the wow and the whoa
And onward to go
And henceforth I show
The something I am is for all to know
Hear hear
Are you here?
With me as I am?
Where lie your presents?
Here lies your presence
A body of being
A case full of something
As though a book is nothing but a spine
And you are the chime of a fanciful rhyme
The spirit is free
With direction myself
With freeness am I.

An original poem by me, written on 11/3/14.


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