I Have Captured Myself

I have captured myself with a certain intensity
Long I have pondered my own propensity
Queried my wavering energies
Wandered the realm of this divine mentality
Identified what qualifies myself as an entity
Come to assess my spirituality
And happened across this sense of humanity
I exist herein this innate philosophy
My solace is not found in the likes of destiny
I serve as my own celestiality
I bow to the beauty residing within me
Of the universe I have an affinity
This is the sphere of my sovereignty
I may lack a certain authority
But within myself prevails autonomy
And I strive to fulfill my reveries
I seek that which brings serendipity
So that it shall span the land and to the sea
And allow all who share this universality
to dance in the glow of their own sincerity.

Original poem written April 19, 2015.


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