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They Teach Us to Imagine

When we are little

They teach us to imagine

Clouds are animals

Blankets build forts

A round man delivers presents at our door

We chase after

Things we have

Yet to discover

Do not exist

And we yearn

For the magic

Not the truth

But what lies

Somewhere in the

Gray areas

Our intellect-just forming

Our intuition-undeveloped

And our innocence intact

We may silently observe the world around us

But we run past the facts

We proclaim all we can dream

Every day we discover

New people we can be

We are little balls of energy

Ablaze with ideas and

The crazy notion

That the earth

Is in motion

To satisfy our

Ever-aching desire

To explore

We plan to circumnavigate

We pinpoint all our future dates

We name our children

Build our houses

Arrange our travels

We are so full of life

And laughter

And energy

And light.

We are so light

And free

Worries evade us

Any calamity quickly vacates us

Necessities are few

For the ice cream truck, maybe a dollar or two

We want trees for climbing

And hills for rolling

Some company to project our

Wild tales onto

But all we need is our minds

These minds so open

So beautifully open

We have yet to be affected by

The times in which we live

We are children of the present

Our souls unaltered

Our knees dirty but our

Minds clean

Our rooms messy but our

Hearts neat

We are so effervescent and free

And after all these years

I have this fear

I have lost that glimmer

I long not for my age to reverse

But to preserve that electric splendor

For the everyday

The elements of the earth

Adults consider mundane

Regardless of my youthful soul

My optimism and drive

Towards that world I know

Somehow I’ll never truly

Gain back that glow

As the strain of true freedom takes a toll

And I realize everyday more and more

Why they taught us to imagine.

And so I allow my mind to remain open

This time without the naiveté

But maintaining that juvenile fantasy

By clinging to those dreams

Still so precious to me

As I eagerly begin

to unfold their reality.

Original Poem, written 7/8/15


The Truth About Being Vegan


I’ve been vegan for about four months now, which sounds really weird to say, since it feels like I’ve been this way forever. I’ve become so ingrained in my new behaviors and I can’t believe I was ever any different. It really is a lifestyle and a commitment, not a diet or fad. I’m going strong and I think I’m well past the point of my friends and family realizing I’m in this for the long run. AKA they’ve realized they’re either going to have to accept their annoyance with me is permanent or just stop caring. And while I mostly deflect criticisms, I’ve realized being a vegan isn’t all pita chips and hummus. There are some obstacles to face, but at the end of the day I am 150% satisfied with my decision and beyond ecstatic for my future in animal rights activism. My life is at all times…

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