September of 2015



Why don’t we teach our kids these things?

Why do they not know

Until it affects them personally?

Left to Google search these things

Left to ponder their loneliness

Left to wonder where this monster crawled from

And why

Nobody warned them.


A household term to us

But can our children spell the word?

Do our children know their worth?

When we are too sad

To teach them?

Is it up to them to learn these things?

Why don’t we tell them?

Because we want the world to seem

Blue and green

And the sun it always shines

And the darkness

Remains at night?


Why don’t we tell them?

That the world

Is shades of grey

Black and blue

And the day draws on

A darker shade

Each day that we decay away?


I just can’t find the words

To tell them.

That everything we’ve told them

Was just a fantastical imagination

An illusory correlation

Of your mind as an inspiration

And life as a constant source of gratification

I can’t spell out

The pain that eats my soul

So hard to ignore

So hard to believe

That at one time

I was young and proud

I hadn’t yet found out

How silence makes a sound

And violence is more than just a pound

And that your wounds

Become a part of you

And redefine you

And you look back and remember

The child you once were

And your life is a blur

And all you see are the bad parts.

It is so EASY to remember the bad parts

And look to the future with hope and possibility

That one day

You will hold a child in your arms

And that child will learn from you

And your flaws

Will fortify your bond

And you will raise a soul

That never has to find out on her own what

D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N is

That never has to hide her fear

And act like she’s just an average kid

Lord knows she isn’t

If she’s yours

And you’re going to make so damn sure

She knows

(strong) That there is nothing wrong with mental illness.

You do not need to Google search depression

I am the only database you need

Listen-you come to me

If you’re ever down and you can’t

Find your way out

And I promise you whatever

Scars you may get

I bear one that is almost the same

You are my soul

And you are my name

And I’m sorry if you inherited

Some of the pain

But you will NEVER be to blame

For my sadness

And I promise I will lift myself up

And not resort to old behaviors

And always put your happiness first

And remember that I am molding you

The things that I do

Frame your mentality

And I will live and breathe reality

And positivity for you

And you will never feel alone.

But if you do,

Find yourself at home

In my heart.

And appreciate that I understand your struggles

And know that at the age of eighteen

I made a vow to teach you about


My heart is your home

And you will never be alone

But if you feel like you are

Remember I am covered in scars

And you never have to hide your sorrow from me

You are not just a drop in the sea

You are the sea in a drop

And I love you a lot.




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