An Ode to Yoga, and the Way in which it brings me closer to myself

Imagine the most relaxed you could be

Imagine every little worry

Melting off your back

As you roll out your mat

And you forget where you’re at

The only sound becomes your breath

The only smell perhaps your sweat

Each time may vary in intensity

But you’re always in tune with reality

As you center your thoughts

And you become lost

In the transcendence of your own movements

Palms and soles sink deeper

Mind becomes clearer

Each breath fills you

With more life than the last

Each moment could last forever

This time you come to savor

Gratitude is the only flavor

And there’s nothing more you want

Than to fulfill this hour of solitude

Each shape you form-

Imperfect like you

But you appreciate that your body can move

In such magnificent ways

This is how you want to spend your days

So you realize when you’re done

You have only just begun

Your journey inward

All you see is yourself

Oh, your heart pours over with wealth.



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