Forever Onward, For Ever Upward

Do you understand the intensity

Of this urge?

Can you fathom the amount

of sleepless nights

I have suffered from this curse?

Do you know

Just what I’d do

To turn one maybe into a yes

To turn this hope into something real

To bring myself closer to you?

I’ve lived a life full of maybes

Full of second thoughts and falling throughs

Brimming with “well, it never happened”

Summed up with “not much, you?”

These words repulse me

Long I have stood on the border of yes

I have awaited the prosperous future far too many years

I have taken my turn on this side of the tracks

I am ready to relinquish my sense of fear

I am ready to jump into the cold waters

I am ready to take my lifejacket off

I am ready for a century of adventures

I am ready to live with open arms

How twisted are the possibilities that waft through my brain

How sick I have made myself with harboring dreams

How my heart continuously overflows

With everything I thought I could be

How I fear a life made tasteless

By never questing to delve in deep

How just dipping my toes in everywhere

Leaves me with nothing but dumb wet feet

How I tire of the same old place

I await the trail of somewhere new

I await the path that leads me

To something as beautiful and glorious as you.

I set out on this day for a new world

A time and a place that relishes yes

Welcomes the uncertain certainty of beginnings

Celebrates my glimmering youth

I cease to hesitate when exploration motions me on

I vow to bow to the power of doing everything I really want

I look forward not back

I carve out my own path

I begin with no pack

There is nothing I lack

I am on the right track

When I fulfill my longing so overdue

For ever onward ever upward

Forever the traveler

Forever the sender of postcards

Please do visit me in paradise

Wherever that may be

For me that very day

I won’t delay to inform you

Once I have settled upon a single place.

January 2016



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