This Life

And I am thankful

For all

For all of the relationships gone awry

All of the fuckboys

Who brought hate

Into my life

For the confusion

Over every single multitude

Of my identity

For all the nights I laid

Awake and cried

And wondered why

For the fact that I

Was afforded the small luxuries

Of paper and pen

Of a home and of Zen

Of a path with enough cracks

To reflect

Something so magical and twisted

Of a life

Filled with heartache and bizarre

Happiness in the most accidental places

Of new beginnings everyday

Of something I am

Always longing for

Yet never reaching

For without my words

For without poetry

My story would not have been told

And without this life

There would have been nothing to tell.



everything will work out

I think that everything will work out

Because that’s the type of person I am

I’ll pick you up when you’re down

Because that’s the type of person I am

I will lend you both of my hands

Because that’s the type of person I am

For justness I will take a stand

Because that’s the type of person I am

I will dream the grandest of dreams

Because that’s the type of person I am

I’ll be the one that you need

Because that’s the type of person I am

I will embrace each and every scar

Because that’s the type of person I am

You will let me love you from afar

That’s just the type of person you are.

For anyone whoever thought less of themselves based on how someone else has treated them. You are still and always great.

I am not your perfect

I am not your perfect woman

If that is what you expected

I’m sorry you will be dejected

Never get your hopes up

On someone who isn’t as perfect as you

Because everyone knows

You’re supposed to fit together like a glove

With the one that you love

And if you don’t

You are a mismatch

And you must retire your fantasies

And find the one

That will complete your half-made exterior

I don’t believe anyone is half-made

I don’t need another to do

What I can’t do myself

If I can’t do it

Then let it be

I am feeling good about myself

But if I am not what you desire

Then goodbye

There are other angels in the sky.


I wish I could tell you

The amount of times I think about you

Per hour per day

I wish I could say

Everything I was thinking

I wish I could record my thoughts

And send you an audio file

It might take you a while

To listen but maybe you would

Fall in love with me

And everything I have to say

Technology is not thus far ahead

So I wait for you another day.


love mixtape.jpg