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If you’re going to love me

I do not want to exist for you

I exist for myself

I exist because my body

Is rooted deep in the soil of this earth

I am fertile and I am dark and dense

I branch out in many directions

I encompass every dimension

I cannot be contained

I cannot be refrained

From singing songs all night and day

From frolicking in fields, from happy play

From embracing my freedom, every minute

From seeking my peace

And losing myself in it

I am on my own journey

I walk miles every day

Constantly moving forward

Achieving and beginning new

The truth is the more I discover

How to serve the world

And make the most of my given flesh

I discover

It is less about me

And less about you

And more about all this time

And all these things to do

And all this work to complete

And all this life to live

And all this care to provide

And all this love to give

And all this joy to bring

And all this peace to promote

And all the light inside

And all the efforts to bring it out

And so I cannot apologize

For the absence I generate

By being constantly on the move

Constantly creating myself

Etching out my path

With each foot that touches the grass

I am on my own journey

And it is rooted deep

My soul is the anchor

The roots are my feet

Tied to my purpose

With passion I confess

If you’re going to love me

You’ll have to love the rest.

May 2016