Ozone action days

Ozone action day

Mom would announce

It’s too hot to water the lawn

Or get gas.

One time we were so hot

We sat in the car with the AC on blast.

At one time my mom said these things to me

Because she thought I should know

I didn’t have a car nor could I drive

But she thought I should know

If I did, it would be too hot to get gas.

We will just have to lounge around

We can run through the sprinkler

Or swim in our pools of sweat

We can wait for the ice cream man to drive by

Playing the same old song

Offering the same flavors of frozen treats.

Not much changes on ozone action days.

The slow still caution of a potential drought

That could create a potential fire.

My mom’s love-

Warning me of the danger.

Now, miles separate us.

I cannot give an estimate.

Now, ozone action days-

Without warning-

Burn me with my own past.